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about-us-picHi! I am the inventor of the Life Choice Today syringe. I am a man that was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident that would not let the dream of having kids die. When my wife and I started Trying To Conceive(TTC) I immediately realized that because I cannot ejaculate while having sex it was going to be extremely difficult for my wife to get pregnant. We first tried at-home insemination with a specialized penile vibrator(Ferticare), cup, and regular syringe but didn’t like the syringes sharp edges and the fact that we had to use the syringe to suck up the semen from the cup. During this time my inventive mind began thinking of better ways to do this. After some time thinking and experimenting with different set-ups I came up with the idea for the Life Choice Today syringe. The Life Choice Today syringe is an American designed, manufactured, sold, and distributed product that GardMin Engineering LLC brings to you today. Please look around at all the various animations, diagrams, descriptions, and info about the syringe and Trying To Conceive process . I know that the at-home kits we provide are higher quality, lower price, easier to use, and more effective than any other kit on the market today. Thank you for shopping at and I hope you conceive with ease so you can relish every moment that being parents brings!

Gregory Minow, President
GardMin Engineering LLC

Word From Our BioEngineer

Luz Adriana Enriquez Almaguer

Hello. I am a bioengineer and also Greg´s friend and colleague. My job at GardMin Engineering is to ensure that Life Choice Today is a safe product by adhering to FDA regulations and guidelines. Since we have submitted our product to the FDA for approval we can offer you peace of mind. Thank you for visiting and God Bless!

Luz Adriana
Medical Device Research and Development
GardMin Engineering LLC

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    Before you spend thousands of dollars at a fertility clinic try our Life Choice Today(TM) syringe! You can try to conceive in the privacy of your own home when you want without the hassle and pressure of a medical procedure!

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    Check out all of our informative pages, animations, and diagrams! At you know exactly what you are getting and you know that each product sold is invented, designed, developed, and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

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