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New Website!

Check out our new website where GardMin Engineering LLC is selling these as squirt guns!  Available to everyone!  Even in the United States!  Click here to go to the LCT Squirt Gun Store


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Why Our Founder’s Story Matters

In November of 2004, our founder and CEO, Greg Minow, became a complete paraplegic as a result of spinal injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. Over the past 5 years, Greg and his wife, Alicia, decided that they would like to have children. While both Greg and Alicia were otherwise fertile – infertility treatments would [...]

Trying to conceive a baby with the Life Choice syringe? Not sure how often you should inject? Read on.

Over the years, we at Life Choice Today have accumulated some ‘common sense’ knowledge about trying to conceive a baby. How’d we come by this, you ask? Well, it’s simple, really – our CEO became a paraplegic after a tragic motorcycle accident. In trying to conceive a baby, he and his wife have experienced first-hand [...]

Life Choice Vs. Fertility Treatment: Should I?

By visiting our website, you’ve got one thing in common with our other visitors – you dream of one day having children, but may be experiencing some difficulty. We’re here to help – we’ve authored this informational article to compare and contrast our product, the Life Choice Today syringe, with fertility treatments. With this information, [...]

Self Insemination (or DIY Insemination) – Using the Life Choice Syringe

Like any Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activity, DIY insemination comes with instructions. With the Life Choice Syringe, we’ve streamlined both the product itself and the process of self insemination – we’re dedicated to making conception stress-free for you, so that you can experience the happiness of bringing a child into the world. But yes, there are a [...]

Trying to conceive? Know before you go (to the fertility clinic)

So you’re trying to get pregnant – you’re excited and more than prepared, maybe a little nervous. But mostly excited, we’d bet – congratulations! We’ve prepared this article on some pregnancy-related medical statistics to help relieve some of the anxiety and uncertainty you may be experiencing, whether you’ve just started trying to conceive or have [...]

  • Try Before Invitro

    Before you spend thousands of dollars at a fertility clinic try our Life Choice Today(TM) syringe! You can try to conceive in the privacy of your own home when you want without the hassle and pressure of a medical procedure!

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    Check out all of our informative pages, animations, and diagrams! At you know exactly what you are getting and you know that each product sold is invented, designed, developed, and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

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