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Question: How often should you inseminate, every day or every 2 days?

Answer: I am not a doctor…I am just another individual that has experienced infertility problems with my wife and I am willing to share my personal experiences with you.There is no correct answer to this question as I have asked it to many doctors myself.Some doctors say to inseminate every three days and some doctors say to inseminate every day since you have a better chance at inseminating at the “ideal time” for conception.My advice is to chart your menstrual cycle using the basal body temperature method(using a basal body temperature thermometer and BBT Chart) .If you do some research on how to properly perform the BBT Charting method you will find that most women ovulate around the 13-15th day after their menstrual cycle starts.(You confirm this by the charting method). What worked for us was inseminating up to three days before you ovulate, the day of ovulation, then maybe a day after.It is up to you and you may want to try to inseminate every day(I think it is more of a personal preference more than what is the most effective).Don’t put too much pressure on you or your partner and remember HAVE FUN!

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Question: How long will sperm live outside the body?

Answer: I searched google and came up with a good explanation on If kept warm at body temperature (like on the skin or in a warm test tube), sperm remain motile for several hours. Inside the female reproductive tract, they can live for up to 7 days. Sperm are very sensitive to temperature and moisture and will eventually die outside the body, but since each ejaculate may contain as many as 750 million sperm, and it only takes one sperm to result in pregnancy, precautions are essential. Ejaculation anywhere near the vagina, without condom use, should be a reason to consider emergency contraception.

Question: How do you self inseminate?

Answer: Please watch the video and read the instructions on the “How It Works” page at .  You can also read a longer version HERE at–-using-the-life-choice-syringe/ .  Hopefully all of those helpful resources will clear up any questions that you have.

Question: Do you ship Internationally?

Answer: YES! We ship internationally via United States Postal Service International Priority mail.

Question: Does supply the donor sperm?

Answer: offers the Life Choice Today syringe for at-home vaginal insemination most commonly with fresh sperm via a partner or someone who is willing to give a fresh donation to you.  We do not provide the actual donor sperm as you will have to contact a Sperm Bank for that.  In the event that you would use a sample from a sperm bank, the sample would be frozen and you would have to speak to the sperm bank personnel in regards to using the Life Choice Today syringe with the sperm bank donor sperm.  Refer to the instructions provided from the sperm bank in regards to injecting that sample/donation or if you would be able to use the Life Choice Today syringe.

Question: When will the syringe be released for sale?

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